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Shipping Policy/FAQ

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the USA & CANADA.

When do you ship?

We ship Monday through Friday.

How quickly can I expect my package?

Shipping to the contiguous United States can take anywhere from 2-10 days after payment is received.
Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada may take up to 3 weeks after payment is received.

Is discreet shipping available?

All GWG orders are shipped in an unmarked padded envelope with a PO Box return address.

What if my order doesn't arrive?

Give it time! Sometimes customs is backed up and your order can be in line for days. Please contact us at to discuss any shipping issues. All messages will receive a response after 5p MST and within 24 hours.

Do I get Freebies with my purchase?

We are currently including freebies with every purchase over $50! We will try to include as much variety as possible!

Any issues with your order?

If your order does not arrive, we will in all fairness ship your seeds again. For free!

What if my seeds are crushed?

It rarely happens, but it may occur that your seeds get crushed in the mail. If this happens, send us a clear photo of the seeds in the original bags and we will prepare replacement seeds.

What if I use a forwarding address?

We only guarantee the arrival of your products to the address that you submit with your order. We have no control over mail forwarders, so we do not offer re-shipments or refunds if an order is lost through such a service.

What is our Returns Policy?

If your seeds didn’t germinate... We do our best to offer you the most high-quality seeds, but as a natural part of the process, it is possible that you find at least one seed to be unviable. Please, contact our support team to discuss a possible replacement.

If something is wrong with your plant... We can’t reship seeds for those cases as there are a lot of factors involved.

If you received your order and after that, you changed your mind... We are sorry to tell you that there is no chance to return the order. Please, make sure you are placing your order correctly.

What is your Re-Shipping Policy?

Most packages arrive within 2 weeks. Delayed shipments usually arrive in the following 2 weeks. Re-shipping takes place after 25 business days.

Contact us if your order hasn't arrived in 25 business days. If you do not contact us, we will mark your order as received after 60 days.

We print your address exactly as you enter it. If an incorrect entry leads to a lost shipment we don't reship for free.
If we re-ship, we ship the exact same seeds you originally ordered.

Contact us anytime!

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