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Pinesol- AKA Guicy G - GWG Pheno

Updated: Jan 3

This is our Guicy G pheno that we've used in the crosses you see on our menu.

She comes from Exotic Genetix, Mike did some solid work here.

We hunted 4 packs of these for a nice male and female a while back. This was the girl. She has the most amazing terps I've ever encountered.

Like lemon-pine cleaner, really potent shit.

Like it's the 90's and your grandma just cleaned the kitchen floor with that classic glass bottle of pinesol.

She has these terps in week 2 of flower and it gets even stronger til it takes over your entire room. I let people do a finger rub on here and smell and it floors them. Instant clear nose for sure 😂

She has dense buds and stacks nicely, easy to grow.

Green Wolf Genetics

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