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Stiletto Cake - Feminized 5 Pack

Stiletto Cake - Feminized 5 Pack


"Stiletto Cake" is an intriguing cannabis strain created by crossing Ice Pick with Wedding Cake F4. Here's a brief overview of the potential characteristics of this strain:


- Ice Pick: A hybrid strain resulting from the cross of 9lb Hammer and Pure Michigan, known for its potent effects and complex aroma.

- Wedding Cake F4: A highly sought-after strain known for its sweet, cake-like aroma and potent relaxing effects.

Potential Effects:

- A balanced hybrid that may offer a combination of relaxation and euphoria.

- May provide relief from stress, anxiety, and pain.

Aroma and Flavor:

- A unique blend of the fruity and earthy notes of Ice Pick and the sweet, dessert-like flavors of Wedding Cake F4.

- Hints of vanilla, sugar, and earthy undertones.


- Dense buds with a mix of green and purple hues.

- A generous coating of trichomes, giving it a frosty appearance.

Seed Information:

- Available in packs of 5 feminized seeds.

- All orders of Wedding Cake F4 seeds come with a special 4x4 inch "wolf coming out of the cake" sticker.


- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

- Feminized seeds ensure that all plants will be female, making cultivation more straightforward.

Note: As with any cannabis strain, the actual characteristics of "Stiletto Cake" may vary depending on the specific phenotypes used in breeding and the grower's skill.

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