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Join The Hunt

Details about the Hunt:

This is a hunt for the best phenotype out of a couple thousand seeds of mixed strains from all of our hunted phenotypes over the past 5 years.
We had a jar of mixed seeds that we wanted to use and this is it! A massive pheno hunt!
There will be many phenotype  expressions that will emerge in this hunt!
It should be something incredible to be part of.

5 random seeds regular M/F from our hunted phenos will be provided to you, these seeds may or may not be related so many phenotype expression will be available.

I recommend popping all 5 seeds and culling as you go, but you can run with as many as you want.

Stickers will be included too.

$25 + shipping

This is open to all countries!

This pays for your entry fee and your seeds.

Only the seeds provided for this competition can be used in this competition!!

-Use your own grow style
-Whatever nutes and medium you want
-No pot size restriction
-Grow them how you want to!

We highly recommend taking clones of your pheno!!!!

Group activity will take place in these 2 groups:

Facebook Group


Our Privately Owned Group

Final Submissions should be entered in here:

Final Submission Page

Winner will be selected by overall best phenotype! We will be picking a new winner every quarter.

In example: Color expressions, yield, resilience, etc...

Winner will get a custom made trophy, a Wolf Cipher Box full of seeds, a GWG Pheno hunt t-shirt and a shit ton of street credit!

They will also be able to name their phenotype and we will take her to the next level if that is what you wish to do, otherwise winner can do as they please as it is their cultivar.

If you'd like to participate in this Hunt then go ahead and fill out the registration below and pay for your entry.

Good Luck Everyone!

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