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Blue Collar Kush - 12 Regular Seeds - Tape Cassette

Blue Collar Kush - 12 Regular Seeds - Tape Cassette


🌿 Introducing the latest masterpiece from

Green Wolf Genetics & Pheno Wolf

Blue Collar Kush

12 regular photoperiod seeds in a custom tape cassette.

Only 50 cassettes available!

Crafted for the hardworking soul, this strain is a salute to the tenacity of the everyday hero. A stellar hybrid born from the legendary Blue Dream and the robust OGKB (OG Kush Breath), Blue Collar Kush embodies the balance between invigorating euphoria and soothing relaxation.

🌊 Blue Dream brings its signature waves of creative bliss and sweet berry notes, making it a daytime favorite for those seeking a burst of inspiration.

🌲 OGKB contributes its powerful tranquilizing effects, earthy undertones, and a subtle hint of vanilla, wrapping up your day in the perfect cocoon of calm.

The fusion? A beautifully balanced hybrid with a complex terpene profile that offers the best of both worlds:

- Euphoria from Blue Dream's uplifting touch.

- Relaxation from OGKB's comforting embrace.

Aroma & Flavor: Dive into an aromatic experience with notes of ripe berries, fresh earth, and a whisper of vanilla. On the palate, expect a symphony of sweetness balanced with a grounded, herbal complexity.

Effects: Ideal for both recreational and medicinal users, Blue Collar Kush is designed to elevate the mind while anchoring the body. Whether you're looking to fuel creativity or wind down after a long shift, this strain adapts to your needs, offering:

- Stress relief

- Anxiety reduction

- Pain alleviation

- An aid for insomnia

Cultivation: With resilience in its genes, Blue Collar Kush thrives in various environments, promising a generous yield for cultivators.

Join us in celebrating the launch of Blue Collar Kush – a tribute to the resilience within us all. Embrace the blend of hard work and harmony with every bud.

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