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Grandpa Candies - Feminized 6 Pack

Grandpa Candies - Feminized 6 Pack

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“Grand Daddy Purp x Kush Mints F2” is a promising cannabis strain created by crossing Grand Daddy Purp F2 with Kush Mints F2. Here’s a brief overview of the potential characteristics of this strain:


•Grand Daddy Purp F2: A second-generation phenotype of the iconic Grand Daddy Purp, known for its deep purple hues and relaxing effects.

•Kush Mints F2: A second-generation phenotype of Kush Mints, celebrated for its minty flavor and balanced effects.

Potential Effects:

•A hybrid strain that may offer a balance of relaxation and euphoria.

•May provide relief from stress, pain, and anxiety.

Aroma and Flavor:

•A unique blend of the fruity and grape-like notes of Grand Daddy Purp and the refreshing minty flavors of Kush Mints.

•Hints of earthiness and sweetness.


•Dense buds with a mix of green and purple hues.

•A generous coating of trichomes, giving it a frosty appearance.

Seed Information:

•Available in packs of 6 feminized seeds.

•Being feminized, these seeds are designed to produce only female plants.


•Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

•Photoperiod strain, meaning it requires a change in light cycle to initiate flowering.

Note: As with any cannabis strain, the actual characteristics of “Grand Daddy Purp x Kush Mints F2” may vary depending on the specific phenotypes used in breeding and the grower’s skill.

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