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The Alpha Cipher

The Alpha Cipher

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$1,125.00Sale Price

4/20 Sale, 25% Off All

The Alpha Cipher is a box I’ve been working on for quite some time now. I only made 10 of these and only 8 are available at the moment.

Solid metal design, this thing is heavy!

Laser etched box and card, wax sealed with a riddle to open the cipher. Cipher can’t be opened without the 6 letter code.

Every box has a unique code, seeds are not accessible without breaking wax seal on card, getting the code and putting it into cipher.

I will only do a special box drop like this once a year.

So this is it til next year.

Comes with 8 strains, 13 seeds of each strain. These strains have never been released, these strains will at the moment only be released in this box.

I’d like to keep it exclusive to this box.

Exclusive Strains in this box:

Green Wolf

Green Dragon x White Wolf

Alpha Wolf

Wolfsbane x White Wolf

Gorilla Growl

GG4 x Wolfsbane

Alpha Skunk

Skunk #1 x White Wolf

Moonshine 13

Romulan x Wolfsbane

Wolf Cakes

Wolfsbane x Wedding Cake

Wolfs Breath

White Wolf x Peanut Butter Breath F2

White Wolf F2

White Wolf x White Wolf

Bonus Pack in box:

Water Walker

God Bud x Guicy G

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